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DCN’s know-how and industrial expertise have been proved time after time. Most of the fighting ships operated by the French Navy are designed, built, tested and maintained by DCN.

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    Skills and Know-How

    DCN know-how and industrial expertise result from centuries of experience and cover all aspects of naval engineering:

    Research and development in naval related fields,Design, construction and integration of warships, including their combat systems,Prime contractorship for all types of warship, as well as complex systems,Equipment manufacturing,
    Fleet maintenance.

    Industrial Force

    DCN’s industrial force is unparralleled in Europe. Its design offices, integration centres, shipyards and manufacturing facilities cover nearly all areas of the military shipbuilding industry. 

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    We Treat Your Shipment Like It’s Ours

    Surface Combattants

    A surface Combatant which will help balance yourself in the sea with the right features.


    We will make sure that you have the right submarines built, which will ensure that the pressure is off.

    Combat Systems

    We will make sure that you have the best combat systems installed, which will help ensure that you are ready when difficult times strike.

    Naval Equipment

    We can get in touch with the right people who will make sure that you have everything battle-ready when the time commands it to be.

    What Others Says

    These are some of the things our clients have to say about our service.

    “They have some of the best on-time delivery systems which have made bring a product to its final destination look easy.”
    Phillip A. Wyatt
    “They have a very well functioning support system which ensures that nothing goes misplaced, which can later reek-havoc on the people on board.”
    Iris F. Kilgore


    The Euronaval exhibition will be held from 21st to 25th October 1996 at Paris Le Bourget, under the patronage of the French Minister of Defence. In 1996, Euronaval will be open for the first time to companies from the whole world. It will be a major event for the military shipbuilding industry, with more than 250 exhibitors.

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    Latest News and Updates

    Shipbuilding Companies in the World in 2020

    Shipbuilding Companies in the World in 2020

    The shipbuilding industry is recognised as one of the most profitable industries in the world. In spite of the financial slump which we are suffering, there are constantly many innovations in the shipbuilding sector, which has allowed one to stay on top of their competitive arena. Ships are one of the key mode of transportation for the countries around the world which can allow them to be an integral part of the development of nations. In this article, we are going to be learning about the best shipbuilding companies as of 2020.

    Hyundai Heavy Industry

    Hyundai has proven to be the best shipbuilding sector in the industry. It is based in Ulsan, South Korea which has the established a record for itself. It has till date modelled over 1428 ships of various shapes and sizes.

    Daewoo Shipbuilding

    Daewoo shipbuilding is one of the giants in shipbuilding, they are located in Okpo and known for its sustainable giant ships. They are already looking into the future of delivery which is much talked about. They have till date modelled over 834 ships with the shipyard of 68,284,087 GT.

    Samsung Heavy Industry

    Samsung Heavy Industry is also one of the top three companies in the world which specialised in vessels like the LNG, FPSO. The tonnage of the production till date has been around 58,082,349, which is for about 785 ships from its existence.

    Hyundai Samho

    Hyundai Samho is located in Yeongam, which has a production capacity of the approximately 40 vessels. The Gross tonnage production to date is 28,414,515 GT which includes the likes of 372 ships.

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industry

    Mitsubishi is ranked the top shipbuilding industry in the world as it specialises in commercial vessels which include things like an oil tanker, cruise ships. The total gross production tonnage till date is set at 19,506,548 GT, which includes the likes of 315 ships.

    Tsuneishi Shipbuilding

    Tsuneishi is the leading shipbuilding company in Japan which specialises in building the medium-sized bulk carrier ships. The gross tonnage production till date includes 492 ships to 17,824,038 GT.

    Tsuneishi Shipbuilding

    Oshima Shipbuilding

    Oshima Shipbuilding is another bulk carrier shipbuilding company which has a gross tonnage of over 16,983,004 which includes the likes of 539 ships.

    Hyundai Mipo

    Hyundai Mipo is one of the most versatile product in terms of the conventional and specialised vessel, Hyundai Mipos is well known for the same as they deliver mid-size chemical tanker with a Panamax container ship. The gross tonnage of the production till date includes 618 ships.

    Imbari Shipbuilding

    Imbari Shipbuilding is one of the first vehicle carriers which delivered VLCC of the 300,000 DW. The gross tonnage production to date is 15,692,687 GT which includes the likes of 393 ships.